NGO phishing expedition

Nile Phish: Large-Scale Phishing Campaign Targeting Egyptian Civil Society

February 2, 2017

Media coverage: Associated Press, Vice, The Intercept, The Hill

source: University of Toronto team



In 2011, the Egyptian Government embarked on a wide-ranging legal case charging that many civil society organizations receive foreign funding, and may be engaged in prohibited or illegal activities.

As part of Case 173, international organizations have been subjected to a wide range of legal sanctions, including arrests, travel bans, asset freezes and harsh sentencing. In 2013, 43 defendants working for international NGOs were sentenced to prison for their work, many in absentia as they had already left the country.

Initially primarily focused on international NGOs like the National Democratic Institute and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, the case has grown increasingly focused on domestic Egyptian organizations. The 37 organizations known to be accused in the case include respected civil liberties groups, pro-bono law firms, and organizations working on gender issues.


With only a handful of exceptions, Nile Phish targets are implicated in Case 173, a legal case brought against NGOs by the Egyptian government over issues of foreign funding. The phishing campaign also coincides with renewed pressure on these organizations and their staff by the Egyptian government, in the context of Case 173, including asset freezes, travel bans, forced closures, and arrests.

Our collaborative investigation has documented at least 92 messages sent by Nile Phish, many highly personalized, and sent as recently as January 31st, 2017. The phishing campaign has included at least two phases, each with distinct phishing tactics and domains. Efforts seem to have been made to compartmentalize the infrastructure for each phase, but a technical error allowed us to link the servers and conclude that the two phases were part of a single campaign.

Nile Phish’s sponsor clearly has a strong interest in the activities of Egyptian NGOs, specifically those charged by the Egyptian government in Case 173. The Nile Phish operator shows intimate familiarity with the targeted NGOs activities, the concerns of their staff, and an ability to quickly phish on the heels of action by the Egyptian government.  For example, we observed phishing against the colleagues of prominent Egyptian lawyer Azza Soliman, within hours of her arrest in December 2016. The phishing claimed to be a copy of her arrest warrant.

The Nile Phish Campaign

In late 2016, Citizen Lab was contacted by the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR), whose technical team had observed a growing number of suspicious emails sent to EIPR accounts. The messages had caught the attention of the technical team because multiple messages arrived at the same time, concerned current events, and seemed to play on emotional themes related to Case 173. EIPR’s team helped broaden the investigation to a total of seven targeted Egyptian NGOs.

All of the seven Egyptian organizations are also implicated by Case 173. The targets include reputable and respected organizations working on political and rights issues such as freedom of expression, gender rights, and victims of torture and forced disappearances. Six of the organizations have agreed to be named in this report and one requested to be referenced anonymously

read full report here

The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights is an independent Egyptian human rights organization, established in 2002, a Cairo-based think tank.
EIPR webpage Who we are says nothing about who they are, only about what they do. There is no information on EIPR’s webpage about its funding, sponsors, it does not identify partners, management or staff members. Why?

Hossam Bahgat is the founder and director of EIPR. Bahgat is also a board member of the International Network for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ESCR-Net) and a member of the Board of Directors of the Fund for Global Human Rights. Bahgat is the recipient of 2010 Alison Des Forges Award for Extraordinary Activism from Human Rights Watch.

Gasser Abdel Razek, the executive director of EIPR

Heba Morayef is EIPR’s associate director.

Ramy Raoof, the senior research technologist at EIPR

Gamal Eid, founder of the Arab Network for Human Rights Information.

Prominent Human Rights Activists in Egypt Targeted by Sophisticated Hacking Attacks

Intercept published February 2 2017
The nature and complexity of the attacks, which occurred over the past few months, suggest the campaign is being directly coordinated by an Egyptian intelligence agency, EIPR researchers say.
How EIPR ‘researchers’ get to that conclusion is beyond me.
“I have no doubt that this is either a state agency or a state agency-sanctioned campaign,” said Gasser Abdel Razek, the executive director of EIPR. “Who else would be interested and willing to invest the time and effort into this kind of coordinated social engineering except the state?”
“state agency-sanctioned campaign” or individuals within a state agency recognized as gone rogue and forced to operate outside of its jurisdiction.

Google eventually sent several NGO staff members a warning that they “may have detected government-backed attackers trying to steal your password.”

Wait a minute, that is a loaded sentence. Google’s warnings are generic, they are not in the business of analyzing who is sponsoring a hack. Which government does Sharif Abdel Kouddous mean here and why does he want you to make these giant leaps?

The phishing campaign gels with an ongoing effort by the Egyptian government to boost its electronic surveillance capabilities. State intelligence agencies have purchased powerful surveillance technologies from European companies in recent years, including Remote Control System software built by the Italian spyware manufacturer Hacking Team. Egyptian authorities are also continually trying to block access to the encrypted messaging app Signal while Open Whisper Systems, the company behind the app, develops ways to circumvent the censorship.

This next paragraph seals my impression of what the writer’s intended message was.

The phishing attacks come as Egyptian president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi appears to be building close ties to President Donald Trump, who has called for heavier surveillance of mosques in the United States.

Egyptian Human Rights Activists Are Being Targeted in ‘Dangerous’ Hacking Campaign


link to Azza Soliman

link to Aya Hijazi

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Human Trafficking Prevention Act

Electronic Frontier Foundation,  Government Pressure Shutters Backpage’s Adult Services Section

Succumbing to years of government pressure, the online classified ads website has shut down its adult services section. Just like Craigslist before it, Backpage faced the difficult choice of censoring an entire forum for online speech rather than continue to endure the costly onslaught of state and federal government efforts seeking to hold it responsible for the illegal activity of some of its users.


Center for Democracy and Technology, Succumbing to Government Is Blow to Free Speech Online

“While the fundamental legal framework protecting free speech remains strong, too often we see government officials attempt to circumvent these protections to achieve their censorship goals.”

“When government officials move beyond the bully pulpit and conduct persistent pressure campaigns to achieve a result repeatedly denied to them in court, we’re in the territory of unaccountable government censorship that is anathema to First Amendment values. With government actors at the highest level publicly threatening and bullying journalists and activists, the risks of unchecked extralegal censorship are all too clear.”


Cato Institute, The Chilling Effect of the Government’s Subpar Subpoenas

These tactics represent a marked escalation since September 2010, when Craigslist caved in to pressure from a group of 17 state attorneys general and shut down its “adult advertisements” section. As a federal court had already ruled at that time—and numerous courts have held since—the government cannot assume that ads that mention sex are advertising illegal transactions, much less coercive sex-trafficking. Laws censoring such websites have been roundly and repeatedly held to violate the First Amendment.

Children of the Night,a privately funded NGO established in 1979, dedicated to rescuing America’s children from the ravages of prostitution.

Help to Quit Sex Work

The Human Trafficking Prevention Act




Legislation by State

Does this act help or hurt women?

FAQ – ANSWERS by with links to videos uploaded to YouTube account Human Trafficking Prevention Act

Summarize the Human Trafficking Prevention Act

In terms of hurting business, will this act cause retailers and manufacturers of products that distribute the internet to lose money; won’t it cost the retailers and manufacturers to install filters, manage a reporting website, and to maintain the quality of the filters?

How can this act, which only regulates retailers and manufacturers in this state,compel and incentivize out of state manufacturers to install and ship their products with activated filters to this state, while providing the mechanism to deactivate to the retailer so that the retailer can comply?

Why should libertarians support the Human Trafficking Prevention Act – doesn’t this act expand government and regulation?

Will this bill impose an unreasonable burden on business?

Will the Human Trafficking Prevention Act hurt local businesses?

Is the ACLU the primary author of the Human Trafficking Act?

Is the Human Trafficking Prevention Act a bipartisan bill?

How does this act impact criminal justice?

Does the Human Trafficking Prevention Act violate the commerce clause?

Why make the Human Trafficking Prevention Act a state law, not federal?

Is the Human Trafficking Prevention Act an unreasonable encroachment onfreedom of speech?

Does the Human Trafficking Prevention Act create a black book register?

How does the Human Trafficking Prevention Act shift the burden?

How does the Human Trafficking Prevention Act connect to zoning ordinances concerning strip clubs?

Under the Human Trafficking Prevention Act is the filter deactivation fee even Constitutional?

Will this bill shake things up generally?

Will the Human Trafficking Prevention Act block all LGBTQ websites?

Is this legislative effort by right wing extremist in an attempt to shame atheistic liberals who think pornography is harmless?

Under the Human Trafficking Prevention Act how can the Tech Companies define obscenity? Isn’t one man’s art another man’s vulgarity?

How does the Human Trafficking Prevention Act relate to products liability?

Monday, January 16, 2017 – LETTER TO BACKPAGE RE: SHUTDOWN

Dear Backpage:

My name is Jody Williams.  In 1987 I created the first hotline in this country, as well as Canada and the world for that matter, for anyone who wanted to leave the sex industry for ANY reason, sex trafficking included (please note the slang term of “sex trafficking” was not coined until the passing of the Trafficking Act of 2000 giving this issue federal recognition), who were adults to call us for help in doing so.

The hotline was connected to the first 12 step program addressing sex work also created for adults to find help in leaving the sex industry.  This 12 step program, originally named Prostitutes Anonymous, was used to create the first alternative sentencing, diversion and outreach program for adults to be provided with alternative sentencing when convicted of prostitution criminal charges.

Continue reading

Aya Hijazi

European-Mediterranian Human Rights Network.  Human Rights Behind Bars in Egypt

Aya Hegazy is an Egyptian-American activist who founded the organization Belady with the objective of helping out street children.  She was arrested in Cairo in May 2014 and charged with organizing a group with the purposes of human trafficking, holding children for sexual exploitation and using them to disturb the peace in protests against security forces. Despite vehemently denying the charges, she was arrested with her husband (who was running the association with her) and two other colleagues.

Aya Hijazi’ request for conditional release was denied and none of the international observers were permitted into the chamber.

Besides Aya Hegazy and her husband, there are other 6 detainees in the case and they are: Sherif Talaat, Amira Farg, Ibrahim Abou El-Magd, Karim Mahmoud, Mohamed El-Siyad and Zeinab Ramadan.

Links to reports

Mother defends daughter accused of exploiting street children Mada Masr May 6, 2014

Egyptian Chronicles  by Zeinobia  December 22, 2015

The Obama administration ignores an American imprisoned in Egypt  by   July 10 2016
State Department Should Speak Out For Aya Hijazi, US Human Rights Defender In Egypt Prison  Sep 14, 2016 Brian Dooley Director, Human Rights First’s Human Rights Defenders Program

Egypt Denounces US Statement Calling for Aya Hegazy’s Release  by Aswat Masriya

Egypt’s foreign ministry responded to the White House statement saying that Hegazy is in custody “for violating the Egyptian law and exploiting street children”.

“Aya Hijazi was arrested more than two years ago, when a restless Egypt sought propaganda to show it was standing up to the ‘big, bad west’, her lawyer says” by Alan Yuhas 17 October 2016 

Egypt: American Citizen Aya Hijazi Imprisoned Without Trial for 900 Days Oct 20, 2016

The opinions of Community Organizer, Human Rights and Civil Rghts Activist Hussam Ayloush  CAIR-LA Exec Director,  expressed on his Twitter feed prompted me to look into the connection of Aya Hijazi and human trafficking.  Aya and her organization may have been set up as a patsy to obfuscate connections of operatives within the Egypt’s police and governing entities to child trafficking, or she is directly involved in child-pornography-and-human-trafficking.

egypt_-miss-morocco-accused-in-a-child-pornography-and-human-trafficking-case-_-morocco-world-news By Aziz Allilou – August 25, 2014

Rabat A Moroccan beauty queen is believed to be involved in one of the biggest child pornography and human trafficking schemes in Egypt according to Egyptian media outlets.

The unidentified Moroccan beauty queen has reportedly been accused of funding a fake association that exploits homeless children in the production of child pornography, as well as using them as human shields in several political demonstrations and conflicts with the police.

According to Egypt’s Yaoum7, the fake association that goes by the name “Biladi” or my country was co-founded by an American woman and her husband. The American couple are said to have stripped over 20 children and videotaped them naked in a minor pornographic production.

On Sunday, the Egyptian police detained the associations’ main financier for investigation. “She admitted to having received funds from a Moroccan beauty queen,” Yaoum7 reported.

The Associations’ financier said that she had received moral and financial support from the Moroccan beauty queen, without revealing her name or the details.

The Association’s co-founders, Aya Hijazi, 27, and her husband Mohamed Hassanine, 26, admitted to detaining over 20 homeless children in their Cairo-based house.

The US couple stated during the investigations that they had forced the children to have sex with each other in order to record them in a pornographic film production.


After completing her degree at George Mason University in 2009, Aya went to Egypt where she has dual citizenship. She and her husband founded an organization to provide a safe space and education for the street children in Cairo.

Online Petitions for her case:

Facebook 13,392 people like this and 13,342 people follow this

An alternate Aya Hijazi with connection to Humanitarian Organizations

Field Coordinator at INTERSOS – Humanitarian Organization December 2015 – March 2016, Regional Officer  Taghyeer Organization, Volunteer Save the Children International  January 2011 – June 2013

Education Jordan University of Science and Technology  Bachelor’s degree, Nuclear Engineering,


Middle East the human trafficking capital of the world  Published April 10th, 2013 – via

The study, which was named “Tricked and Trapped: Human Trafficking in the Middle East”, was presented by the ILO on Tuesday in Amman at the first-ever tripartite regional conference on human trafficking. The report indicated that some 600,000 migrant workers are subject to forced labour and exploitation.


55 Little Known Facts about Human Trafficking By Karin Lehnardt Published September 20, 2016


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15Teen Girls Stories of Sex Trafficking in the U.S.ABC News/Primetime. February 9, 2006. Accessed: December 26, 2010.

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Azza Soliman

7 December 2016 – Azza Soliman, the founder of NGO Center for Egyptian Women’s Legal Assistance was arrested at her home in Cairo.  Her arrest warrant was signed by one of the judges overseeing the investigation into Egyptian human rights NGOs (known as Case 173 of 2011).  According to her lawyer the charge is establishing an illegal entity engaging in NGO work, receiving foreign funding to harm state interest and tax evasion. Azza Soliman was later released.

related: 5 June 2013 – 43 people are convicted for working at unregistered non-governmental organizations  (NGOs) in Egypt and receiving illegal foreign funding (source: Amnesty International) June 2014, 43 foreign and Egyptian NGO workers  were sentenced to prison terms of between one and five years and a series of international NGOs were shut down, including Freedom House and the International Center for Journalists, in relation to Case 173. (source: Amnesty International)


What organizations are involved and who is funding this?

In 2005 Azza Soliman is listed as a participant in a workshop in Kuwait

Summary. The National Democratic Institute (NDI) held in Kuwait from September 25 – 28, the fourth regional campaign school funded by the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI). “Partners in Participation” attracted women activists from 14 countries in the Middle East and North Africa. The goals of the four-day gathering were to encourage women to become more politically active, introduce them to their counterparts in other countries, and to develop their campaign and advocacy skills.


What is the NDI?

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs was founded in 1983, shortly after the United States Congress created the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). The NDI, loosely affiliated to the Democratic Party, is a “cooperating organization” with the Liberal International and an “associated organization” with the Socialist International.

The NDI receives financial support from the United States Congress, the U.S. State Department and the U.S. Agency for International Development as well as from approximately 35 other countries, multilateral institutions and foundations. Previous supporters include the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the United States Institutes of Peace, the government of Sweden and the Middle East Partnership Initiative.

Who funds the NDI?

Governments and Multilateral Institutions: Government of Australia, Kingdom of Bahrain, Government of Belgium, Office of the High Representative in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Government of Canada, Government of the Czech Republic, Government of Denmark, European Union, Government of Finland, Government of Germany, Government of Ireland, Government of Japan, Government of Namibia, Government of the Netherlands, Government of Norway, Organization of American States (OAS), Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Government of Sweden, Government of Switzerland, Government of the United Kingdom, UN Women, United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), World Bank Group, World Food Programme., Government of Yemen

Corporations, Foundations and Organizations: AHT Insurance, Amazon, American Federation of Teachers, Arthur C. Nielsen, Jr. Family Charitable Trust, Chevron, Glover Park Group, Google, Inc., Interational Masonry Institute, International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers, Open Society Foundation, Prufrock Foundation, Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office, The Coca-Cola Company, Visa, Inc.

Individuals: Mr. S. Daniel Abraham, The Honorable Madeleine Albright, The Honorable Bernard Aronson, The Honorable Elizabeth Bagley, The Honorable James Blanchard, Mr. Rafic Bizri, Mr. Richard C. Blum, Mr. Denis O’Brien, Ms. Annie Burns, The Honorable Robin Carnahan, Mr. Timothy Collins, Mr. Frank M. Conner III, Mr. Lester Crown, The Honorable Thomas A. Daschle, Mr. John Doerr, Mr. Timothy Gill, Dr. Patrick J. Griffin, The Honorable Jane Harman, Ms. Jessica Herschend, Mr. Frank Islam, Mrs. Mari Snyder Johnson, Dr. Omar Kader, The Honorable Herb Klein, Mr. Peter Kovler, Mr. Robert Liberatore, Mr. William Mahoney, Ms. Anne McNulty, Mr. Marc Nathanson, The Honorable Nancy Rubin. Mr. Elliot Schrage. Ms. Carol Sharer, Mrs. Bren Simon, Mr. Michael Steed, Mr. Maurice Tempelsman. Ms. Lynda Thomas, Ms. Tori Thomas, Ms. Dorothy Walsh, Mr. Marvin Weissberg, Ms. Maureen White

The donors listed above contributed $5,000 or more in 2015.

NDI Board of Directors: Madeleine K. Albright, Chairman, Harriet C. Babbitt, Vice Chair, Thomas A. Daschle, Vice Chair, Marc B. Nathanson, Vice Chair, Patrick J. Griffin, Secretary, Robert G. Liberatore, Treasurer, Kenneth D. Wollack, President

Bernard W. Aronson, J. Brian Atwood, Elizabeth Bagley, Rye Barcott, Howard Berman, Richard C. Blum, Donna Brazile, Esther Brimmer, Joan Baggett Calambokidis, Robin Carnahan, Johnnie Carson
Howard Dean, Sam Gejdenson, Rachelle Horowitz, Karl F. Inderfurth, Edward “Ted” Kaufman
Peter Kovler, James C. O’Brien, Mary Cathryn Ricker, Nancy H. Rubin, Michael R. Steed
Maurice Tempelsman, Lynda Thomas, Maureen White, Tamara Cofman Wittes

Counsel Frank M. “Rusty” Conner, III

Chairmen Emeriti: Paul G. Kirk, Jr., Walter F. Mondale, Charles T. Manatt (1936-2011)

Senior Advisory Committee:  William V. Alexander, Michael D. Barnes, Bill Bradley, Emanuel Cleaver, II, Christopher J. Dodd, Michael S. Dukakis, Martin Frost, Richard N. Gardnerm Richard A. Gephardt, Peter G. Kelly, Paul G. Kirk, Jr., Elliott F. Kulick, John Lewis, Donald F. McHenry, Charles S. Robb, Esteban E. Torres, Andrew J. Young

Who is MEPI?

Middle East Partnership Initiative is a U.S. State Department program to promote political, economic, and social reform in the Middle East and North Africa. U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell, serving under President George W. Bush, announced the creation of MEPI in a December 2002 speech at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, DC.

My Comment: Now that I have become more familiar with the organizations and the people behind these organizations, their motive and goals in the Middle East, I do not blame Egypt for trying to protect their country from the influence of globalist Marxism disguised in a cloak of virtue in form of human rights protection.

I have been alerted by Azza Soliman’s statement about witnessing Shaimaa al-Sabbagh’s killing by security forces in January 2015.  In light of her direct association with the globalist machinery, I felt compelled to link my contribution here for future reference. 

It is my opinion that Shaimaa al-Sabbagh was tasered. This ordeal would have her recover within one hour or less. My opinion is based on photographic evidence, conflicting witness accounts, amount and variety of security present and on the statement that the streets were blocked, multiple video and camera angles, individuals providing the media and their description by the Egyptian media, the organizations involved in the world wide marketing and more.

The initial reason I looked deeper into the Shaimaa case was that I saw what cannot be possible: two versions of a single occurrence, a double take.

If you want to find out more about the Shaimaa case, here is my entire report

Opinions on Egypt’s NGO Law

Understanding the Dangers of Egypt’s NGO Law

Parliament approves secretly drafted NGO law

Egypt parliament finally approves new NGOs law The law gives existing NGOs one year to adjust their legal status and creates a new regulatory body

New NGO legislation takes Egypt down a dangerous path

60 organisations call on the Egyptian government to cease silencing civil society, and to allow NGOs


Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies
ActiveWatch – Media Monitoring Agency
Africa Freedom of Information Centre
Albanian Media Institute
Americans for Democracy and Human Rights in Bahrain
Arabic Network for Human Rights Information
Association for Civil Rights
Association for Media Development in South Sudan
Cambodian Center for Human Rights
Canadian Journalists for Free Expression
Child Rights International Network
Freedom Forum
Free Media Movement
Gulf Centre for Human Rights
Human Rights Network for Journalists – Uganda
I’lam Arab Center for Media Freedom Development and Research
Independent Journalism Center – Moldova
Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety
Institute for the Studies on Free Flow of Information
Instituto Prensa y Sociedad de Venezuela
International Press Centre
International Press Institute
Journaliste en danger
Maharat Foundation
Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance
Media Institute of Southern Africa
Media Watch
National Union of Somali Journalists
Norwegian PEN
Observatorio Latinoamericano para la Libertad de Expresión – OLA
Pacific Islands News Association
Pakistan Press Foundation
PEN American Center
Privacy International
Reporters Without Borders
Social Media Exchange – SMEX
South East European Network for Professionalization of Media

Amnesty International
Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development (FORUM-ASIA)
Asian Legal Resource Centre
Associazione Ricreativa e Culturale Italiana (ARCI)
Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW)
Conectas Direitos Humanos (Brazil)
EuroMed Rights
DefendDefenders (East and Horn of Africa Human Rights Defenders Project)
Front Line Defenders
Global Civil Society Alliance, CIVICUS
Human Rights First
International Commission of Jurists (ICJ)
International Service for Human Rights (ISHR)
Pan African HRDs Network
Project for Middle East Democracy (POMED)
The African Centre for Democracy and Human Rights Studies (ACDHRS)
The Center for Legal and Social Studies (CELS)
The Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy (TIMEP)
World Organization Against Torture (OMCT) and International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) within the framework of the Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders

Egypt: A Letter and legal memorandum to the President; Demanding the Repeal of the NGO Law


Political Parties:

  1. Bread and Liberty Party
  2. Freedom Egypt Party
  3. El-Karama party
  4. Egyptian Popular Current

Civil Society Organization:

  1. Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies “CIHRS”
  2. Adalah Center for Rights & Freedoms “ACRF”
  3. Andalus Institute for Tolerance and Anti-Violence Studies
  4. Egyptian Commission for Rights and Freedoms “ECRF”
  5. Foundation of the Victims of Abduction and Forced Disappearance
  6. Masryoon Against Religious Discrimination “MARD”
  7. National group for Human Rights and Law
  8. Nazra for Feminist Studies
  9. The Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement “EACPE”
  10. The Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights “ECESR”
  11. The Egyptian Observatory for Training and Consultation
  12. The Human Rights Legal Assistance Group “HRLA”
  13. The New Woman Foundation “NWF”
  14. Al-Haqqanya Foundation of Rights and freedoms
  15. The Land Center for Human Rights “LCHR”
  16. Egypt Press Syndicate-Freedoms Committee
  17. Appropriate Communications Techniques for Development “ACT”
  18. Egyptian Center for Public Policy Studies “ECPPS”
  19. Heliopolis Center for Political Development and Human Rights Research
  20. Arab Penal Reform Organization “APRO”
  21. Egyptian Foundation for Childhood Advancement
  22. Masryoon in One Nation Foundation

Public Figures 

  1. Ahmad Fawzi –the Egyptian Social Democratic Party
  2. Ahmed Kamel Buheiry – Popular Current
  3. Amal Abdel Hadi – Feminist Activist
  4. Tamer Sahab- Head of Freedom Egypt Party
  5. Hossam Muanas – Popular Current
  6. Hamdeen Sabahi- Founder of the Popular Current
  7. Khaled Al-Balshi – Head of the Freedoms’ Committee at the Press Syndicate
  8. Khaled Dawood – Dostour Party
  9. Khaled Ali – Founding member of the Bread and Freedom Party
  10. Raed Salamah – Popular Current
  11. Riham Salama – Member of the political committee in Freedom Egypt Party
  12. Tarek Khater – Lawyer at the Court of Cassation
  13. Ali Adel Abu Ouf – Lawyer
  14. Mohamed Samy- Head of Dostour Party and Member of the constitutional Committee
  15. Mohamed Abdel Aziz – Lawyer
  16. Mohamed El-Wan- Engineer
  17. Mohamed Mounier Megahed – Socialist Popular Alliance Party
  18. Amr Salah – Member of the constitutional Committee
  19. Amr Mohamed – Lawyer
By Khaled Dawoud

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Comet Ping Pong Pizza

0-2Comet Ping Pong ‘a fun, kid-friendly neighborhood pizza restaurant that has outdoor seating, bands, and of course, ping pong.’      5037 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008 

James Achilles Alefantis  – James Alefantis is the owner of Comet Ping Pong, and the romantic partner of former CTR director David Brock.  Alefantis links to powerful people, and there is convincing evidence that he is a pedophile and uses Comet Ping Pong as a front for his sex trafficking ring. Since the investigation began, Mr. Alefantis has deleted many of his posts and set his social media to private.

 What’s Correct the Record (CTR) and Who’s David Brock? from jillstein

David Brock is a sick pathological liar that went to the extreme of writing a book to discredit Anita Hill, he called the book, I kid you not; The Real Anita Hill.

David Brock’s Army of “Nerd Virgins” Has Hillary’s Back

George Soros – George Soros is listed as a major donor to the American Bridge 21st Century PAC:

This PAC is on record with the FEC as having made several donations to Comet Ping Pong:

Marina Abramovic – Alefantis appears to have some form of relationship to spirit cooking “artist” Marina Abramovic as he references her in his instagram:

Fwd: INVITE: Hillary for America / October 6

FW: Ha


attachement file


I believe I have connected a convicted child abductor who was caught stealing children in Haiti with the Clintons

submitted  by PleadingtheYiffUSAx3

The individual in question is one Laura Silsby, former director of The New Life Children’s Refuge. She was caught trying to steal 33 children from the country, most of whom were not even orphans and had families.

Hillary has a LONG history of interest in Ms. Silsby. Wikileak emails dating back till at least 2001 have been found in her archives discussing Laura’s NGO. Laura had claimed she planned to build an orphanage in the Dominican Republic, but authorities in the country said she never submitted an application for this purpose. They instead located to Haiti.



Huma Abedin was constantly forwarding Hillary articles on this woman’s organization:

One of the first things the Clintons did when they took over the scene in Haiti was to have Bill get Laura off the hook:

And the attorney who represented Laura Silsby? A man who was himself convicted as a sex trafficker:

Even more disturbing, we uncovered an email in Wikileaks where they are literally pricing how much it costs to transport children:

Again, this was the same group that got busted by Haitian Authorities trying to Traffic kids.

They’re in the Clinton Emails;

Pitch for funding or some shit, super sketchy.

This looks like Mills & co are drafting statements following extradition.

Help me research!!! There are surely more emails to be found in Wikileaks on this! If we can connect the Clintons to a child abductor their campaign is DONE!!!

EDIT: Wanted to add this email showing HRC contacting a lawyer regarding the 10 people who were arrested for their roles in this kidnapping case, thanks /u/Look_See_Think for bringing me this:

EDIT 2: More info on this story:

EDIT 3: Fight to save these children. Spread the black pill. Summed up in 3 minutes. All verifiable by wikileaks and search engines. This is the video you need to spread

Get this up! There’s a thread on pol connect the dots right now.


EDIT: Thread 1 – 18 (404)

Bins – | | |


Internet Is On Fire With Speculation That Podesta Emails Contain Code for Child Sex by Cassandra Fairbanks | Nov 3, 2016

Bill Clinton was frequent flier on pedophile’s private jet ‘Lolita Express’  RT Published time: 14 May, 2016 15:48

Wikileaks: Pedofile ‘code words’ found in Podesta Emails by Sean Adl-Tabatabai Editor-in-chief at Your News Wire

Huge Breakthrough in D.C. Pedophilia Ring The Millennium Report November 7, 2016

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Archive of articles linked above on this page in PDF file cometpingpong

Celia Kang Wikileaks Searching for CECILIA KANG = 133 results
Global Intelligence Files 115
Sony 10
DNC Email Archive 9
Sony Emails 5
Sony Documents 5
The Podesta Emails 4
Clinton Emails 1

Reddit: discussion of factual errors, mischaracterizations, and fallacies that appeared in Cecilia Kang’s article were here: PDF a_blowbyblow_indepth_factcheck_of_the_new_york
Thousands of Twitter accounts were found to contain child porn , many are locked, most however are open and have a recent creation date.

In gallery below: Sample screenshots of new Twitter accounts, Twitter account of Jack Dorsey, co-founder and CEO of Twitter on Nov 21, 2016, and  Del Harvey, VP, Trust & Safety at Twitter Linked-In @delbius’ conversation on Twitter.

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Twitter Pedophile Database pizzagate.pdf
here is a mirror of the database by @eclipse_OW and in case both disappear a back-up of the database (PDF 85Mb) twitter-db reported to Jack Dorsey, co-founder and CEO of Twitter on Nov 21, 2016.



worldcorpo comet ping pong password protected CMS index of parent directory Titus frost hax

Published on Feb 22, 2017

Titus frost twitter police server hacker meme recycled this?

login: Member-Area (ULDL) file size date tag DLKEY download zip MK amp txt LGL suchen

a youtuber claims a hacker claims they hacked Comet Ping Pong’s protected “secret”
SEO they cracked the site password, then the down loader password & then the zip file
password & gave this data to the FBI or DC Police that can’t use illegally obtained data
while all of these passwords do not have to be the same & the search bar was in German

worldcorpo net content = entire site file list of a site
Sponsoring domain Registrar Registrar GOOGLE INC , Abuse Email = registrar-abuse at google dot com
IANA ID: 895, Contact Privacy Inc Customer # 124397542, Ubuntu Apache/2.4.18, & dream host proxy
1 change on 2 unique IP addresses over 1 years & 1 change on 2 unique name servers over 1 year
20 Whois records have been archived since 2016-04-01 Creation Date, soundcloud worldcorp-enterprises…|+Edit………………………………………………

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Nihal, Arabic for “quenching their thirst”.
In 2016, the International Astronomical Union organized a IAU Working Group on Star Names (WGSN) to catalog and standardize proper names for stars. The WGSN’s first bulletin of July 2016 included a table of the first two batches of names approved by the WGSN; which included Nihal for this star.

Working Group on Star Names (WGSN) in May 2016 to catalog and standardize proper names for stars for the international astronomical community. It operates under the auspices of Division C Education, Outreach and Heritage.

The International Astronomical Union (IAU) was founded in 1919. Its mission is to promote and safeguard the science of astronomy in all its aspects through international cooperation. Its individual members — structured in Divisions, Commissions, and Working groups — are professional astronomers from all over the world, at the Ph.D. level and beyond, and active in professional research and education in astronomy. The IAU has 12381 Individual Members in 98 countries worldwide. Of those 74 are National Members. In addition, the IAU collaborates with various scientific organizations all over the world.

Beta Leporis (β Leporis, abbreviated Beta Lep, β Lep), also named Nihal, is the second brightest star in the constellation of Lepus.




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Heal Pix grid – Hierarchical Equal Area isoLatitude Pixelisation of a 2-sphere, is an algorithm for pixelisation of the 2-sphere, and the associated class of map projections created by Krzysztof M. Górski in 1997.

Górski’s professional experience includes Jet Propulsion Laboratory/Caltech Senior Research Scientist, European Southern Observatory, Garching Germanu, associate Astronomer, Theoretical Astrophysics Center, Copenhagen, Denmark, Associate Professor. NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt MD. Chief Scientist Raytheon STX …. developer of the virtual observatory.



healpx1 healpx2

Astronomical Data

Astrophysical Virtual Observatory
Computer Data Base

CDS Portal

The CDS Portal is a mashup application which aims at:
providing a single entry point to search and access the different CDS services
facilitate the workflow between the services

If you want to learn how to search for available data at CDS around a given object name or position, look at this page.
If you would like to use the output from one service as input to another, learn how to save data and how to reuse them.

SIMBAD Astronomical Database

SIMBAD on the Web is the WWW interface to the SIMBAD database. It offers the following functionalities:

Query by identifiers and around identifiers
Query by coordinates, specifying the radius and the equinox
Query by bibcode and partial bibcode
Sampling with a set of physical criteria
Query by lists of objects, coordinates or bibcodes
Display charts for list of objects resulting from coordinates query

SIMBAD on the Web has all the functionalities provided by XSimbad, after the addition of list queries in March 2001. XSimbad software is thus not maintained any more.

VizieR Service

Tools related to VizieR

Spectra, images in VizieR :
Search Spectra, images in VizieR
Photometry viewer :
Plot photometry (sed) including all VizieR
TAP VizieR :
query VizieR using ADQL (a SQL extension dedicated for astronomy)
CDS cross-match service :
fast cross-identification between any 2 tables, including VizieR catalogues, SIMBAD


Aladin is an interactive sky atlas allowing the user to visualize digitized astronomical images or full surveys, superimpose entries from astronomical catalogues or databases, and interactively access related data and information from the Simbad database, the VizieR service and other archives for all known astronomical objects in the field.

Aladin lite is a lightweight version of the Aladin tool, running in the browser and geared towards simple visualization of a sky region. Aladin lite is powered by the HTML5 canvas technology, currently supported by any modern browser. Aladin lite is easily embeddable on any web page and can also be controlled through a Javacript API. It is dedicated to replace the previous Aladin Java applet technology in the medium term.

Available data

Aladin Desktop & Aladin Lite use reprocessed data based on HiPS technology (Hierarchical Progressive Survey) with the capability to zoom and pan on any regions of the surveys. There are about 250+ HiPS surveys available for 50TB of pixels provided by several collaborative servers.

Aladin Desktop provides direct data access to most of the astronomical servers over the world (CDS, NED, ESO, CADC, MAST, HEASARC, NRAO, ROE, IMCCE, etc), and obviously, local user data.

CDS X Match

Visualize and manage your cross-match jobs

Tap VizieR

Gaia (DR1) tables are available query Gaia

The TAPVizieR service is available since sept-2012: it provides VizieR tables using the ADQL language and the TAP protocol.

This page lists some special points which characterize the current TAPVizieR implementation.

Sesame Name Resolver

The Sesame Service queries several databases from the name of an astronomical object (outside the Solar System bodies), and displays some fundamental parameters (type of object, J2000 position). The databases queried are Simbad, NED, and VizieR. (For more explanations, see the Documentation).

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