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June 23 – An armed man was killed by police after taking hostages inside a cinema complex in Viernheim, western Germany. Police say no one injured by the gunman in the cinema. No terrorist attack, sources tell news agency dpa (Deutsche Presse Argentur)

Previous reports said the man had fired a gun, injuring up to 50 people.
The interior minister of the German state of Hesse, Peter Beuth said the man was armed with a rifle and confirmed that the man was shot and killed after police stormed the complex.
“The police had an emergency call at 2:45pm (12:45 GMT). The caller said there was a masked man armed with a long gun. It is unclear whether it was a real gun” Beuth told the Hesse parliament.

In the German press the long gun translation was direct, not a word a native speaking German would have chosen in my opinion and a tear gas gun looks different from a rifle.

According to several reports in German media, the man was wearing a balaclava and carrying combat boots and a “long weapon, with a munition belt slung over his shoulder shortly after the start of the first screenings of the day.  One of the hostages, identified by Bild as 16-year-old Almir Almilovic, was quoted as saying: “The perpetrator surprised us on the toilet.”

“The caller heard four shots and said that the masked man appeared a little mentally unstable. Police special forces were called.” The police spokesperson Bernd Hochstädter said the deployment lasted around three hours. Police believed the gunman was a “confused individual” rather than a terrorist. Hochstädter told the Die Welt newspaper: “We have no indications regarding the motive, but we can say with certainty that the attack did not have an Islamist motive.”

Kinopolis GmbH, Gregory Theile, said there were about 30 guests and nine employees unside the theater at the time.  The cinema had been showing The Jungle Book, Alice in Wonderland and the comedy Central Intelligence.

Last details about the armed man was that he was 19 year old German-Italian, born in the neighboring city Mannheim, but that he now lived in northern Germany.  Dortmund DA said that the (still unnamed after 3 days) took 18 people hostage including 4 employees. Some of the hostages were children.

Employee Guri Blakaj (cashier) described his interaction with the unnamed gunman while smirking and otherwise acting quite cocky or oddly inappropriate given his circumstance. His interview with the press gave me the impression that he knew either the gunman or the plot. Or both.

The responding SEK unit arrived by helicopter from Frankfurt, more than 30 according to BILD.

Criminal psychologist Rudolf Egg suggests the man was on a suicide mission. Dr. Britta Bannenberg, criminal psychologist and professor at Giessen University opines that the teen might have planned the attack weeks, if not years” ahead. source BILD

update June 26


He had his ID on him, so why wait three full days to release his name?

Sabino Moriello Facebook

Albrecht Dürer School in Mannheim-Kafertal caters to children with vision problems.

BILD is telling you this: a then 17-18 year old, mentally unstable, suicidal teen planned this suicide attack far in advance. Year(s) later he (all by himself) inexplicably picked a day and at a time when the least amount of visitors would be present and listed shows were aimed mostly at children. Since he wore a mask (a balaclava like SEK) and reportedly a hood, he apparently did not want anyone to see his face during his ‘suicide mission’. He appeared, from witness testimony, not to have a clear direction on how to go about his mission even with years of planning as he checked the bathroom for his superhero Rocket Raccoon or what not while one of his hostages was riding the elevator to “the office”.

A big problem I have with this story is that witnesses describe him wearing a balaclava on a hot day and that he appeared confused. My logical conclusion is that he had instructions to dress in a similar outfit as the Special Force Unit were wearing. He brought mock weapons consistent with gear that is used during an exercise. The timing of the attack (when only few people were inside compared with an weekend evening blockbuster full house) also point to an easy controllable drill gone live. 

Early Media headlines

DailyMail: “Up to FIFTY injured after ‘neo_Nazi’ gunman opens fire on German movie theater in chilling echo of Aurora…”
MailOnline: “Police shoot gunman dead after he stormed German cinema and opened fire before letting off tear gas and taking hostages”
There was much misdirection on Twitter in the early hours, several accounts pushing a “white supremacist” meme by announcing that comedian Sam Hyde is the confirmed perpetrator. ‘Original CCTV from inside the cinema’ was released by YT @bho24h account and soon copied by leeches and pranksters. The CCTV footage is not related to this event.

There were also Daesh tweets using trending hashtags to promote IS propaganda. The hashtags included #Hitze, #stvs16, #Viernheim, #AIMHvideo, #BrexitOrNot, #PrayForGermany, #TROYEALESSIAWILD und #Kuturgutschutzgesetz to attract the attention the moment was projecting. The account was suspended within 30 minutes after publishing several tweets that included pictures with German text. One Al-Furat picture showed the Cologne Bonn Airport with the text: “What your brothers in Belgium did, you can achieve too”.

ISIS Threatens Germany, Calls For Attack On International Airport  By Gilad Shiloach Mar 31, 2016

Al-Furat, which was established last year, has published propaganda in Russian and German. Its call for attacks in Germany follow deadly violence in Belgium’s capital last week for which the Islamic State claimed responsibility.

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