Electronic Recovery and Access to Data machine (ERAD) and civil asset forfeiture.

Operation Plastic Paradise
This 4th amendment violation and disregard of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, article 11 was enabled by the DHS and funded by the taxpayer.This scheme
rewards Jack to enable organized criminals to steal property.

The DHS was approached by “a partner” with this idea.  The DHS then tasked S&T’s First Responder Group (FRG), development began in March 2012. FRG Program Manager was Bill Deso.

DHS: S&T’s Prepaid Card Reader Aids Law Enforcement in Seizing Fraudulent Cards

ERAD Group, Inc. was awarded a prime development contract to provide the Department of Homeland Security, Advanced Technology Directorate, with a prepaid access card reader solution to process prepaid debit cards at time of arrest.

referred to as “Open Loop”cards, these are global cash cards, works like other debit cards to buy goods and services or to get cash. Branded by Visa, MC, Amex, Discover.
Cards can be reloaded with cash at over 150,000 merchant locations in the U.S., or using online transfers from bank accounts or another payment cards.
Funds can be transferred to other prepaid cards anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds using internet applications or mobile phones.

ERAD’s Partners: Verifone, First Data, MasterCard, Unisys, Oberthur Technologies, Phunware.

RECENT PAYMENT CARD SEIZURES:Madison County Sheriff’s Office 38 Debit Cards -$129,000, $59,000 Cash, Fort Worth Police Department 197 payment cards, 20% Cloned Cards, $42,000 prepaid Cards.

T. Jack Williams’ company ERAD Group Inc. is a(nother) self-declared small and disadvantaged business, 1-10 employees.
Jack’s business address is a house in a suburb in Texas.  Jack is getting a 7.7% cut of forfeited cash cards by state and municipal agents. The DHS has admitted to seizing $1 million.

Jack was CEO of eCommlink, a multi-national core processor for prepaid Discover, Visa and MasterCard payment cards, mobile remittances and commerce.

Previous to joining eCommlink, Mr. Williams was senior vice president of strategic programs for Tier Technologies.

Prior to his move to National Processing Company, he was senior vice president of marketing with stored value systems, a division of National City Bank.

Prior to SVS, Jack was director of membership services at Blockbuster Entertainment.  In this role he is credited with creating and implementing the world’s first electronic gift card program….

His e-mail is linked somehow to  (not developed yet)

BTW, credit cards and bank cards are not affected by this mafia move. Yet.



DHS: S&T’s Prepaid Card Reader Aids Law Enforcement in Seizing Fraudulent Cards



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