Air France captain points out anomalies

Gerard Arnoux, 18-year Air France captain and spokesperson for the national monitoring committee on aviation safety highlights three key points from the official story that implicates Andreas Lubitz as causing the crash of Germanwings Flight GWI9525, that simply cannot be true on French TV show ‘Le Grand Journal’.


When we are told that the pilot’s breath is audible during the entire descent, it’s not possible. Then we are told that he activates the FCU, the dial … First one has to set the altitude, and then pull. That doesn’t make any noise whatsoever. Only the flight recorder will be able to tell us that.

However he descent makes sense: 340 knots, 3.000 feet/minute that matches the action being described. And finally we have another …. and perhaps the Prosecutor forgot to mention this …. Normally, when the captain demands that the door opens he uses a standard code, and if that doesn’t work, he tries it with an emergency code, specific to the machine in question, And then, after 30 seconds the door must open unless, indeed, the other pilot prevents it from opening. But we are never told about the 30 second long ear-splitting noise! It is an extremely loud alarm, a strident one. “Beep,Beep, Beep” like that.

Yes, but if the door is blocked from the other side .

The noise is still present. So, the Prosecutor didn’t speak about that.

But if we listen to you, we would have to wonder why the judge …(take the issue about breathing, for example) why would the judge talk about something that doesn’t exist.

I’m saying that the Prosecutor was misinformed.

Are you saying that they are trying to hide something from us?

He was not given accurate information. If you want to talk about the BEA, I’ll gladly do it. The BEA (Bureau of Enquiry and Analysis) is not independent in this country and this was made blatantly evident yesterday. As opposed tot he United States, right? International norms demand that the enquiry and analysis committees be independent of the government. That’s the case in the US, in Germany and in England. Not so in France: the BEA depends on the Ministry of Transportation, organically structurally and …

… if the BEA misinforms the Judge, then it means that they want to hide something!

I didn’t say that. Don’t put words into my mouth. I simply stated that the BEA told us (I’m trying to understand here) The BEA waited for the green light from the highest government authority before keeping the Prosecutor informed, and he himself complained about that pubicly. I’m not saying anuthing else. After that everyone is free of interpreting this the way they want.

source: Crash de l’A320 – Anomalies et incohérences par Gérard Arnoux Le Grand Journal du 26/03

page short link:


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