Co Opted Idiocy

update 10 March 2015

One of the weapons used in February’s terror attack in Copenhagen was an M95 rifle that had previously been stolen from the home of a Danish Home Guard (Hjemmeværnet) member.

Over 4,300 volunteer members have a Home Guard issued weapon and they now have until March 30th to turn in their bolts, which will be stored in central depots across the country. The military service says it will then implement a long-term solution for dealing with members’ weapons.

The Local


update 19 February 2015

Danish anti-terror proposal expands surveillance


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Co Opted Idiocy


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This must be a joke! What planet is Denmark on?


Foto: Ekstra Bladet

exclusive photos from the inside of the Krudttønden Cafe allegedly taken on Feb 14th. “…wounded officers receive treatment from their colleagues after the attack.


This is the sniper service for the funeral of Dan Uzan. Why do they look like terrorists?

Feb 18 2015 – The funeral at the Vestre Kirkegaard cemetery was attended by Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt. The event was heavily guarded, with police snipers seen on nearby rooftops.

Photo: Nils Meilvang

16 Feb 2015 – Police estimate 30,000 attended a memorial in Østerbro.


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