Copenhagen Shooting




Authorities initially thought two people were involved in the shooting. Description of shooter:

“Male, 25-30 years old, around 185cm tall, athletic build with an Arabic appearance but with lighter skin than normal and with black, slick hair. He was wearing a black or dark blue ski coat with matching pants and presumably gloves. He had covered the bottom part of his face all the way up to the eyes with a guerrilla scarf in yellow/orange and red. “He had a black black machine gun/machine rifle. Witnesses described it as 90-100cm long, completely black and plastic-looking.”

The getaway car, a dark colored VW Polo with Danish license plate, that the suspect hijacked earlier has been abandoned ~4 15PM and was found in Østerbro.  At 4:15MP the suspect drives by taxi to a house in Nørrebro, which he leaves after 20 minutes.  The taxi driver notified the police. The description of the suspect released at 8PM was dark clothing, reddish brown hat. The house in Nørrebro is under surveillance by 11PM.


Jorgen Skov, a police inspector, said at a news conference on Sunday in Copenhagen that the police had shot and killed the suspect after he opened fire on officers in the Norrebro neighborhood. The shooter was confronted by the police as he returned to an address that they were keeping under surveillance, Mr. Skov said.

Torben Moelgaard Jensen, a senior police official, said: “We believe the same man was behind both shootings, and we also believe that the perpetrator who was shot by the police action force at Norrebro station is the person behind the two attacks.” The police have no indication for the moment that other suspects were involved.

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So, I take it there was no chase at the train station. This dude in blue jeans shows up at 1 Svanevej and gets shot at 5.30AM. Why does he not look as described by police AFTER he left this address.

Back to Krudttønden

Helle Merete Brix said that she moved  into a cold storage room with Mr. Vilks during the shooting.

The ambassador, François Zimeray, told Agence France-Presse: “They fired on us from the outside. It was the same intention as Charlie Hebdo, except they didn’t manage to get in.”

Agnieszka Kolek “the assailant shout “Allahu Akbar” source


Two witnesses have labelled the police protection at a freedom of speech meeting hosted by the Lars Vilks Committee “enormously unserious”. They claim two Danish police officers were having coffee with their backs turned towards the door at the building entrance when the gunman started shooting. “Everything was very random and there was nothing to indicate that they viewed the event as high-risk”

Witness said that Lars Vilks was spotted standing outside the cultural centre alone and unguarded despite the fact that he has lived under police protection since 2007. Police and Danish security service PET did not comment on those claims.


Back to the synagogue

Bat mizvah ceremony was taking place at 0:50 AM adjacent, behind or near a synagogue.

Dan Rosenberg Asmussen, a leader of Denmark’s Jewish community, said that the victim at the synagogue,  Dan Ozen was guarding the entrance of a building adjacent to the synagogue. Denmark’s chief rabbi, Jair Melchior, identified the Jewish victim as Dan Uzan, 37.

Another report tells us that he was guarding a building behind the synagogue when he was shot in the head. Two police officers who were there were slightly wounded. reports by Angelique Chrisafis

One person was shot in the head and the two officers were shot in the arms and legs in the later attack, which occurred near a synagogue in downtown Copenhagen. The shooter fled on foot, police told the AP.



“we were across the street from the synagogue at a bar … we didn’t hear anything until these swat people from the police entered the street just in front wearing helmets and automatic rifles. We looked outside the windows and saw this guy lying in the street on the other side on the pavement.

We were told by the police to stay in the bathrooms which was in the back of the rooms the last couple of hours. We didn’t know what was happening in the streets. Just now we were told to leave the place as long as we follow the rules that the police said was ok. And there in the street that guy is still lying there after a couple of hours.source

“We looked out the window and saw this guy lying on the street,” said Rasmus Thau Riddersholm, 33. “We were told by police to stay in the back of the room, away from the windows and doors.” (NYT)

How did the witness see a guy in the street on the pavement from the pub across the street, when the victim was shot guarding a building behind the synagogue?


I assume the witness was inside Cafe Halvvejen across the street. No gunshots were heard by guests inside the cafe. There is no published eye witness account of the shooting.

The camera mounted above each entrance of the synagogue recorded what didn’t happen there.

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