The Master And The Slave, Paris and Istanbul

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psychological operation the Master and the Slave, Paris and Istanbul

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Shaimaa al-Sabbagh8

Witness testimony


Eyewitness testimony of “Syed Abul-Ela”

I found a friend and comrade, hero Hossam Nasr who held her after she fell. The police arrested him. I carried her away. Abul-Ela continued by saying; “The police were stationed in front of Pier Shorouk Library in Talaat Harb Square. The police directed their guns towards Shaima and our comrades in the Alliance Party. The police were to the left of her and they fired cartridges towards us. At the same time I heard the sound of the collision of shots on the glass windows of Air France Company. I saw blood flowing from the bottom of the left side of Shaima’s head.  I asked an officer to get an ambulance immediately. He did not respond, and so my friend Mustafa Abdel Aal carried her as we walked again down the alley to the front of the garage.

Arrested were Talaat Fahmy, ElSayed Fawzy AbuElEla, Hossam Nasr Khalil, Mohamed Saeed AbdelTawwab, Mostafa Mansour Khalil, and Hassan Mohamed Mahmoud


شهيد and شهيدة

Writing Arabic in Persian script. 2nd line, 2nd word from right is supposed to be written as شهيد

شهيد means ‘a male martyr’, whereas شهيدة means ‘a female martyr’. Note that in the third line the correct noun is used.

Remember testimony of Hossam Nasr calling Shaimaa on her second phone.

  • Mohammed Saleh – Head of Student Affairs
  • Sayed Adul Ela – Senior Member & Head of Party Workers and Party Affairs
  • Hossam Nasr Khalil – The person who carried Ms. Sabbagh
  • Mustafa Abdul Al – Friend of Ms. Sabbagh and support of the party
  • Hisham Abdul Hamid – authority representative of the Forensic Medicine Authority
  • Abdel Fattah Osman – media representative of the Ministry of Interior


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Political parties in Egypt

Active political parties
• Ahrar Party
• Egyptian Alliance Party
• Al-Ansar Party
• Arab Democratic Nasserist Party
• Arab Party for Justice and Equality
• Arab Unification Party
• Arabism Egypt Party
• Authenticity Party
• Beginning Party
• Bread and Freedom Party
• Building and Development Party
• Change and Development Party
• Egyptian Citizen Party
• Egyptian Communist Party
• Civilization Party
• Consciousness Party
• Conference Party
• Conservative Party
• Constitution Party
• Democratic Generation Party
• Democratic Peace Party
• Democratic Union Party
• Development Party
• Dignity Party
• Egypt Party
• Egypt Renaissance Party
• Egyptian Arab Socialist Party
• Egyptian Arab Union Party
• Equality and Development Party
• Flag Party
• Freedom Party
• Free Egypt Party
• Free Republican Party
• Free Egyptians Party
• Free Social Constitutional Party
• Freedom Egypt Party
• Freedom and Justice Party
• Ghad Party
• Ghad El-Thawra Party
• Egyptian Green Party
• Haya Party
• Homeland Party
• Egyptian Hope Party
• Human Rights and Citizenship Party
• New Independent Party
• Independence Party
• Islamic Party
• Islamic Labour Party
• Justice Party
• Knights of Egypt Party
• Egyptian Liberation Party
• New Labour Party
• Liberal Constitutional Party
• Life of the Egyptians Party
• Misruna Party
• Modern Egypt Party
• My Homeland Egypt Party
• National Bloc
• National Party
• National Conciliation Party
• Al-Nour Party
• Nubian Nile Party
• Egyptian Patriotic Movement
• People’s Democratic Party
• People Party
• Pioneer Party
• Popular Current Party
• Quiver Party
• Egyptian Reform Party
• Egyptian Renaissance Party
• Reform and Renaissance Party
• Renaissance Party
• Republican People’s Party
• Revolution Egypt Party
• Revolutionary Guards Party
• Sadat Democratic Party
• Social Democratic Party
• Social Justice Party
• Social Peace Party
• Socialist Party of Egypt
• Socialist Popular Alliance
• Solidarity Party
• Strong Egypt Party
• Tagammu Party
• Umma Party
• Union Party
• Victory Party
• Virtue Party
• Voice of Freedom Party
• Egyptian Will Party
• New Wafd Party
• Al-Wasat Party
• We Are the People Party
• Workers and Peasants Party
• Workers Democratic Party
• You Are Egyptian Party
• Young Egypt Party
• Egypt Youth Party
• Egypt 2000 Party
• Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party – Egypt Region

Active political coalitions
• 25-30 Alliance
• Anti-Coup Alliance
• Call of Egypt
• Civil Democratic Current
• Egyptian Front
• Independent Current Coalition
• Long Live Egypt
• National Alliance
• Reawakening of Egypt
• Social Justice Coalition


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