NASA Satellite Crash in New York – Really?


I don’t know what fell onto this neighborhood in 2014, or if anything did at all.

This scene doesn’t make logic sense, especially the car. What happened to it? The completely burned out car isn’t on the driveway and if that car burned, why didn’t it affect that little tree 15ft adjacent of it? Is the car pasted in to hide the transition of the ground to the thing that is claimed to be part of a satellite? What’s up with the reflection the rain puddle in the dent of the roof provides? It appears stationary, shouldn’t it move as the camera pans to the left?

This looks more like a cut scene from a Donnny Darko movie set, a New Jersey film crew who borrowed a FDNY ambulance and did limited edition layered footage editing than a Project Bluebeam test. What do you think?

Published on Jan 15, 2015 by Igor Kryan

Sat crash NYNo, not really

This serves as an example of the visual equivalent of verb/subject agreement. Get used to it, it is not just reserved for static stills.

(photo credit: Timothy Buckwalter)

Igor Kryan and the Underground Poison Network


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