Igor Kryan and the Underground Poison Network

Underground poison network

Who claims that these poison canisters are strewn across the USA?

Igor Kryan aka Alexander Williams


Igor presenting mind control toysIK3Igor with a ray gunIK5

Screenshot: “CIA Tesla Gun – Death Ray Energy EMP Ion Cannon” 

Published on Nov 5, 2014

“This Pulse CIA EMP cannon was built in 2010 by Army General Alex Melnikov and Military Engineer Alex Williams in San Francisco, CA. It can disable truck, tank or small building. In 2013 CIA agent Rostislav Kryzhanovsky and Navy Engineer James Garcia commissioned 100 times more powerful truck version of this energy weapon in Fresno, CA. Regular EMP bomb is blown only once and target everything inside its circle while this pulse EMP gun can be fired for precise selective targeting and can be used and re-used 1,000s times. The truck version can easily disable a large building, aircraft carrier or nuclear power plant. At least 2 of these truck sized devices are currently in hands of rogue CIA operatives who plan to use it against Americans for a new false flag attack next year and to blame Russians and start a new war against internal and external enemies.”

NASA Satellite Crash in New York


2 thoughts on “Igor Kryan and the Underground Poison Network

  1. Igor kryan is a hero and if I were to meet this great man I would protect him with my life, Igor is a great man and his exposure of the criminals and murderers that still continue to operate in the US is a great injustice to all Americans and those who lost their lives exposing these criminals.


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