Closing Off The Courtroom

Boston Bombing accused Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Trial

January 16, 2015 by The WhoWhatWhy Team

Quote:DAY EIGHT: A Public Trial Gets Closed to the Public
The day started with lawyers for both sides in a closed sidebar conference with Judge George O’Toole Jr. No one knows what was being discussed, because the judge closed the courtroom to the press and public the day before. He’s also been switching off the audio/video feed to outside rooms set up so the media can observe the proceedings.


Tweets by Andy Thibault @cooljustice
No press [public] permitted in Courtroom 9 by order of Judge O’Toole who controls defective audio / video
9am defense atty tells clerk he has a matter 4 judge before jury enters & feed shuts down #Tsarnaev Video resumes intermittently/ no audio
Some chatter Re; media challenging judge shutting out public from actual courtroom and his directives to shut down audio / video
Clerks asked to tell judge public/ press should be able to hear arguments about voir dire
Do suppressed video / audio feed & closed courtroom portend a good argument over voir dire?
udge decides to let two pool reporters in courtroom
Pool reporters will be asked for leave for sidebars or “confidential matters.”
POOL: Tsarnaev occasionally draws on a yellow legal pad. He does not appear to be taking notes. He is drawing.
No word yet on who might have been accepted or excused from yesterday’s initial pool of 20.
Clerk tells press number of jurors accepted or excused “not yet part of the record.” Could not say when it will be part of record
Potential juror: I was told how cool it was to get a chance to sentence #Tsarnaev to death. Household has a lot of testosterone
Insomniac, hearing-impaired, relatives of cops, psychotherapist, theologian, custodian among prospective jurors
Some prospective jurors had strong feelings for / against death penalty and / or opinions on ultimate verdict
‘Public’ trial marred by video and audio blackouts #Tsarnaev as Judge O’Toole bars public and press from courtroom
…………. and so on


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