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Update Jan 21: BBC and B&BC appeared as identical twins, indistinguishable from one another except their IP addresses.  B&BC sends this on Twitter

Are you kidding me?

Please explain why one with a passion for truth would want to give the BBC their personal information? 

There are so many problems with this, I don’t know where to start. Many unbiased journalists who do real reporting get harassed. It is a special breed who are fearless and bold enough to reveal their identity. Some may enjoy protection that isn’t available to most. Many remain anonymous because of existing laws, invented/misinterpreted laws and a corrupt judicial system.

Why does the B&BC not take a look at the vast (and growing) pool of writers worldwide who have been reporting the truth since decades?

I’m not a writer, I’m just one seeker of truth in a sea of lies.

Donuts anyone? Forget Screwgle.donut

Game of TriforcetriforceDo we like drama?


Israel to divert military budget to settlement expansion _ BBC-News



Syria accuses McCain and other senior officials of entering country illegally _ BBC-News

“We need in every bay and community a group of angelic troublemakers.” Bayard Rustin

Archive has issuesissues

17 archive18

Everyone ought to doubt the authenticity of the Washington Post after reading Caitlin Dewey.

Is Caitlin Dewey Guilty of Journalistic Fraud?   by May 28, 2014 By

Washington Post

OpenDNS stated that the website had external links to (Iranian) media outlet PressTV and that the website doesn’t appear to be malicious given all available information. In regards to blaming Iran, OpenDNS clearly stated that “this conclusion might be as inflammatory and misinformed as the campaign itself.”

OpenDNS Security Labs will continue to monitor the domain.

Peter Kruse, founder of Cyber Security Intelligence Services Security Group (CSIS) and head of the CSIS eCrime Unit, told Anadolu Agency that the use of BBC name by the fake website was not only illegal but would hurt the reputation of BBC.

What will the BBC do about it?

Fake BBC News

Ciscozine – yada-yada

Hackmageddon – 1-15 January 2015 Cyber Attacks Timeline

Cyberwarzone – Iranian high profile cyber attack has hit Charlie Hebdo

World Trademark Review Hoax news site creates another brand headache

The fun only lasted one day, what a pity.


OpenDNS reported that the campaign presented similar indicators and rapidly constructed websites surrounding the Boston Marathon bombing.

Thanks for the tip.

Update Jan 21: BBC and B&BC appeared as identical twins, indistinguishable from one another except their IP addresses.  B&BC sends this on Twitter


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